R.K. Delka


"Delka has written a strange and savage tale that is nearly as weird as the truth."
- Robert Stacy McCain Correspondent for The American Spectator and co-author (with Lynn Vincent) of DONKEY CONS: Sex, Crime & Corruption in the Democratic Party

"After finishing this book, all I could say or think was, 'Wow.'"

"It has the feel of a Rush Limbaugh parody."

"It's not a political treatise. It's not a balanced look at the current political situation. It's not an apology for conservatism. It's a straight up piece of old fashioned pulp fiction offering solid entertainment and release."

"I can see it easily becoming a motion picture."

"A book that will be enjoyed by many [conservatives] and loathed by others [liberals]."

"Delka's scathing and hilarious portrayal of the main stream media is spot on."

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Attack of the 50 Ft. Democrats Scourge Joros, billionaire political puppetmaster, has spent years manipulating America into progressivism. Now, with a supermajority in the Senate and his hand-picked, charismatic president on the verge of re-election, he is five days away from fundamentally transforming the country.

Senator Bart Brightman, a flag-waving patriot among a party of spineless Republicans, has watched his nation slip from its founding principles. Bitter and despondent, he's counting the days to retirement. But when an army of genetically-mutated fifty-foot Democrats begin to ravage the landscape, the ex-soldier is ready to fight for his country again.

Brightman soon learns that America has a bigger problem than giant Democrats--a biased media. Infatuated with their president, they protect him and his liberal agenda at all costs.

If the Democrats aren't stopped, the country is finished. But even if they are, can America survive a dishonest media?

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