"I have never seen anything quite like this. In a category all its own."

"R. K. Delka is destined to become one of the finest authors of our time."

"Reading this book is plain and simple FUN."

When a small group of alien zombies land near Washington, D.C., liberal president Dudley Toobit is set to destroy them--until he discovers that the aliens only eat Republican brains. Enthralled by the idea of exterminating his political opposition, the president lets the zombies roam free. As they multiply, turning each victim into a brainless Democrat, the Republican party nears the brink of extinction.

But Flash Lambo, conservative radio superstar, has no intention of standing idly by. With his unique ability to reach the millions of Republicans that find themselves under attack, it's up to him to stop the carnage that the uninvited visitors have unleashed.

Can Lambo save his Party, conservatism, and the country? Or will an ever-growing population of brainless Democrat zombies destroy the greatest republic man has ever known?

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